A total of 717 million young people aged 15 to 24 live in the Asia-Pacific region, comprising 60 per cent of the world’s youth. Many youth across the region have benefitted from its social and economic development. Youth unemployment remains the lowest among all regions of the world, at 11 per cent. Between 2000 and 2011, secondary and tertiary education enrolment rates increased from 51 to 64 and 14 to 26 per cent respectively.


Bangkok Statement adopted and Asia-Pacific Peace Service Alliance launched

ESCAP, in collaboration with UNESCO, the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) and the Global Young Leaders Academy, adopted the Bangkok Statement and launched the Asia-Pacific Peace Service Alliance at the ‘Asia-Pacific Forum on Youth Volunteerism to Promote Participation, Development and Peace’, held on 28 October 2014 at the UNCC. 


Youth and Mental Health in Asia-Pacific

On International Youth Day, 12 August 2014, awareness was raised about mental health issues and the way these affect youth. In Asia and the Pacific, where 60 per cent of the world’s youth population lives, deviation from what is “normal” mental health is often accompanied by stigma and discrimination. When this happens to young people it can be particularly damaging. Such a situation calls for greater attention to be directed to addressing the mental health concerns of young people, since they are a major resource for social development, economic growth and innovation, and thus a key to the future.

Resolutions and Treaties

ESCAP Resolution 70/14: Enhancing participation of youth in sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

As the development agenda beyond 2015 is being given increasing priority, young people need to be more involved in social, economic and political spheres. Resolution 70/14 recognizes this as in the interest of rendering development more sustainable and inclusive. It also calls upon governments and other development partners to address challenges impeding youth development and accord higher priority to investing in youth.

The resolution is available at