Resolutions and Treaties

ESCAP Resolution 70/14: Enhancing participation of youth in sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

As the development agenda beyond 2015 is being given increasing priority, young people need to be more involved in social, economic and political spheres. Resolution 70/14 recognizes this as in the interest of rendering development more sustainable and inclusive. It also calls upon governments and other development partners to address challenges impeding youth development and accord higher priority to investing in youth.

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Situation Report on International Migration in East and South-East Asia

Cross-border movements of people within East and South-East Asia have risen with rapidity, much of them driven by the prospect for gainful employment. Although there has been a growing number of articles and publications on international migration in countries in East and South-East Asia, these often focus on selected issues of migration. The present report provides a comprehensive overview of migration in East and South-East Asia  and country reports that provide a concise analysis of the key national issues and how they are linked to other countries in the region.


ICPD Report in Asia and the Pacific

The publication Sustaining Progress on Population and Development in Asia and the Pacific: 20 years after ICPD  contains an analysis of the ICPD beyond 2014 Global Survey in Asia and the Pacific and the results of additional research on the status of implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action in the region.