Factsheets and Statistics

Ageing at a Glance

These factsheets provide key demographic data on population ageing in Asia and the Pacific by country.   They also provide an overview on policies, programmes and legislative frameworks in select countries, including information on social protection schemes for older persons, policies on healthy ageing and long-term care. Data and information on policies, programmes and legislative frameworks are based on responses received in 2012 to the Regional Survey on Ageing distributed by ESCAP to its member States and associated members.

Factsheets and Statistics

Database on annual migrant worker outflows

In 2013, more than 1.2 million migrant workers left the Philippines to work in various countries – about one third of them to work in Saudi Arabia, about one fifth in the United Arab Emirates and about 15 per cent in Singapore. Singapore is becoming an increasingly important destination for migrant workers from the Philippines, but also from Bangladesh and Thailand. 

Factsheets and Statistics

2014 ESCAP Population data sheet

The Population Data Sheet, published annually by ESCAP, features key indicators on population and development displayed at country, subregional and regional levels. It is a useful tool for reference by researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders interested in the field of population and development.