Government and CSO members' reports on the Implementation of the Incheon Strategy to Make the Right Real for Persons with Disabilities

At its first session held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, on 25 and 26 February 2014, the Working Group on the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities recommended that every Working Group member should prepare a structured and concise report on Incheon Strategy implementation for the first two years of the Decade, i.e. 2013 and 2014, using a standard format provided by the ESCAP secretariat. It was also decided that the secretariat should upload all reports received on the website of the meeting together with an analysis of the reports.

Factsheets and Statistics

Database on annual migrant worker outflows

In 2013, more than 1.2 million migrant workers left the Philippines to work in various countries – about one third of them to work in Saudi Arabia, about one fifth in the United Arab Emirates and about 15 per cent in Singapore. Singapore is becoming an increasingly important destination for migrant workers from the Philippines, but also from Bangladesh and Thailand. 


ESCAP Guide on Disability Indicators for the Incheon Strategy

The Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific provides the Asian and Pacific region, and the world, with the first set of regionally agreed disability-inclusive development goals. The Incheon Strategy goals cover a range of development areas from poverty reduction and employment to political participation, accessibility, social protection, education, gender equality, disaster risk reduction, data collection, CRPD ratification and international cooperation.


Incheon Strategy to Make the Right Real for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific (Easy-to-understand version)

ESCAP produced an easy-to-understand version of the Incheon Strategy to "Make the Right Real" for Persons with Disabilities to reach out to wider public including persons with diverse disabilities.  The easy-to-understand version provides the background of the Incheon Strategy and description of its Goals, Targets and Indicators in a simple language, and with illustrations drawn by a Thai deaf artist.