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Asia-Pacific Population Journal

For over two decades, the Asia-Pacific Population Journal (APPJ) has been taking the pulse of population and social issues unfolding in the region. Published by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), APPJ brings out high quality, evidence-based and forward-looking articles relevant for population policies and programmes in Asia and the Pacific. Prominent population experts, award-winning demographers, as well as lesser known researchers have been contributing articles, documenting over the years the evolution of thinking in this important sphere.

Original contributions are invited, especially papers by authors from or familiar with the Asian and Pacific region. Manuscripts may be sent by e-mails to the Editor, APPJ, at escap-population (at) un.org. Guidelines for contributors can be accessed HERE.

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​​o The contribution of age-specific mortality towards male and female life expectancy diffentials in India and selected States, 1970-2013 By Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Nandita Saikia and Nadia Diamond-Smith

o Demography of a Small Island Nation:  Findings from the 2011 Census of Population and Housing of the Republic of Marshall Islands By Bhakta Gubhaju, Arthur Jorari and Gerald Haberkorn

o Scenarios of population change in the coastal Ganges Brahmaputra Delta (2011-2051) By Sylvia Szabo, Dilruba Begum, Sate Ahmad, Zoe Matthews and Peter Kim Streatfield

o Early marriage as a risk factor for mistimed pregnancy among married adolescents in Bangladesh By Sigma Ainul and Sajeda Amin

o Factors affecting delay in obtaining abortion among unmarried young women in three cieits of China By Xiayun Zuo, Chunyan Yu, Chaohua Lou, Xiaowen Tu, Ziguo Lian and Ziliang Wang

o Contraceptive use and intentions among unmarried and married young women undergoing abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand, India By A.J. Francis Zavier and Shireen J. Jejeebhoy

o Unintended pregnancies and prenatal, delivery and postnatal outcomes among young women in the Philippines By Maria Paz N. Marque

o Unintended pregnancy among Iranian young women:  incidence, correlates and outcomes By Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi and Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi


o Lowest-Low Fertility in the Republic of Korea:  Variations by locality, 2000-2010 By Minja Kim Choe and Hyung-Seog Kim

o Internal Migration in the Upper Mekong Delta, Viet Nam:  What is the role of climate-related stressors? By Kees van der Geest, Nguyen Viet Khoa and Nguyen Cong Thao

o Policy Note:  Will Bangladesh seize or squander the economic opportunity offered by the demographic dividend? By Rafiqul Huda Chaudhury

  • Volume 29 No. 1
    • A development imperative: civil registration and vital statistics systems in the Asia-Pacific region. By Carla Abouzahr, Claudia Stein, Nigel Chapman, Daniel Toole, Christophe LeFranc, Kaushal Joshi and Rikke Munk Hansen
    • Strengthening civil registration and vital statistics in the Asia-Pacific region: learning from country experiences. By Carla Abouzahr, Said Yaqoob Azimi, Lisa Grace S. Bersales, Chandrasekaran Chandramouli, Lourdes Hufana, Khalid Khan, Gulnara Kulkayeva, Jonathan Marskell, and Lyaziza Sauyekenova
    • Civil registration, human rights and social protection in Asia and the Pacific. By Lucía González López, Tanja Brøndsted Sejersen, Nicholas Oakeshott, Gaspar Fajth, Taimur Khilji and Nicoleta Panta
    • Towards a research agenda for civil registration and vital statistics in the Asia-Pacific region. By Carla Abouzahr, Mia Harbitz, Haishan Fu and Raj Gautam Mitra


  • Volume 28 No. 1
    • Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Asia and the Pacific: the unfinished agenda. By Rajat Khosla
    • Population and social integration policies in Asia and the Pacific. By Ghazy Mujahid
    • Population dynamics and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. By Adrian C. Hayes
  • Volume 28 No. 2
    • Proximate determinants and their influence on fertility reduction in Viet Nam. By K.C. Das, Chander Shekhar, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan
    • Gender Accounting of consumption and the life-cycle deficit for India. By Laishram Ladusingh
    • Role of labour broker networks in establishing the cost of working abroad for Thai migrant workers. By Dusadee Ayuwat and Thanapauge Chamaratana
    • Access of older persons to health insurance and health-care services in Viet Nam: current state and policy options. By Giang Thanh Long and Bui Dai Thu


  • Volume 27 No. 1
    • Twenty-five years of transition in Asia’s population and development:  A review of progress and potential. By K.S. Seetharam
    • Empowerment of women and its impact on population. By Leela Visaria
    • Youth and their changing economic roles in Asia. By Andrew Mason and Sang-Hyop Lee
    • Changing family sizes, structures and functions in Asia. By Gavin Jones
    • Migration and Asia: reflections and continuities and change. By Ronald Skeldon
    • Repositioning population research and policy in Asia: new issues and new opportunities. By Peter J. Donaldson and Geoffrey McNicoll
  • Volume 27 No. 2
    • The role of the public and private sectors in responding to older persons’ needs for inpatient care: evidence from Kerala, India. By Subrata Mukherjee and Jean-Frederic Levesque
    • A turnaround in India’s urbanization. By R.B. Bhagat
    • The evolution of population policy in Viet Nam. By Bang Nguyen Pham, Peter S. Hill, Wayne Hall and Chalapati Rao


  • Volume 26 No. 1
    • Viewpoint: Population Policy in the Pacific:  Balancing Global Priorities with Local Imperatives. By Wadan Lal Narsey
    • Exploring demographic and socio-economic factors influencing utilization of integrated child development services. By Saswata Ghosh and Bidhan Kanti Das
    • Health status and health-seeking behavior of interprovincial and intraprovincial rural-to-urban young migrants in Nanjing, China. By Liying Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Hongmei Yang, Rong Mao and Qun Zhao
    • Household type and poor older persons in India. By S.K. Mohanty and R.K. Sinha
    • Consistency in reporting contraception among couples in Bangladesh. By Mohammad Amirul Islam
  • Volume 26 No. 2
    • Status, decision-making role and expectations of older persons in rural Maharashtra, India. By Dhananjay W. Bansod
    • Marriage and fertility dynamics in India. By Premchand Dommaraju
    • The effects of maternal nutrition and reproductive morbidity on waiting time to next conception in rural Karnataka, India. By T. Rajaretnam
    • Health-care decisions of older persons in India. By Homi Katrak
  • Volume 26 No. 3
    • Contraceptive (In)security in South-East Asia. By Rosalia Sciotino
    • Social impact of international migration and remittances in Central Asia. By Dono Abdurazakova
    • Economic activity in post retirement life in India. By Preeti Dhillon and Laishram Ladusingh
  • Volume 26 No. 4
    • Demographic transition in Southern Asia: challenges and opportunities. By Bhakta B. Gubhaju
    • Do slum dwellers have lower contraceptive prevalence rates? An analysis of current use patterns in Calcutta, India. By Mousumi Dutta and Zakir Husain
    • Mobility as development strategy: the case of the Pacific islands. By Donovan Storey and Vanessa Steinmayer


  • Volume 25 No. 1
    • Is fertility behavior changing in Pakistan? Evidence from rural Punjab and North-West Frontier Province, 1997 and 2004. By Sharon Ghuman, Zeba A. Sathar and Cynthia B. Lloyd
    • Internal migration in India: are the underprivileged migration more? By R.B. Bhagat
    • Economic independence, family support and perceived health status of the elderly: recent from India. By Saswata Ghosh and Zakir Husain
    • District-level variations in the quality of mortality data in Thailand. By Patarapan Odton, Kanitta Bundhamcharoen and Attachai Ueranantasun
  • Volume 25 No. 2
    • Addressing unmet need: potential for increasing contraceptive prevalence in the Philippines. By Paulyn Jean B. Acacio-Claro and Maridel P. Borja
    • Below to above replacement: dramatic increase in fertility and its determinants in Sri Lanka. By W. Indralal De Silva, B. Nishanthi Perera and K. Chamara Anuranga
    • The effect of remittances on return migration and its relation to household wealth: the case of rural Thailand. By Yuying Tong and Martin piotrowski
    • Determinants of living arrangements of elderly in Orissa, India: An analysis. By A.K. Panigrahi


  • Volume 24 No. 1
    • The Fifth APPC Plan of Action, the ICPD Programme of Action and the Millennium Development Goals:  Linkages, Progress and Challenges. By Rene Desiderio
    • Population and environment in Asia and the Pacific:  trends, implications and prospects for sustainable development. By Kerry Richter, Akompab Ebainjuiayuk Benjamin and Sureeporn Punpuing
    • Population and poverty: the situation in Asia and the Pacific. By Gavin W. Jones
    • Some new insights into the demographic transition and changing age structures in the ESCAP region. By Naohiro Ogawa, Amonthep Chawla and Rikiya Matsukura
    • Towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific: response, progress and challenges. By Trinidad Osteria
    • Reproductive health, including adolescent reproductive health: progress and challenges in Asia and the Pacific. By Dr. Raj Abdul Karim
    • Progress towards achieving the Fifth APPC Plan of Action Goals on International Migration. By Jerrold W. Huguet
    • Annex: Fifth Asian and Pacific Population Conference Recommendations for Action
  • Volume 24 No. 2
    • HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination in China: results from a national survey. By Karen Hardee, Benjamin Y. Clark, Victor Yuan, Tim Manchester, Amy Qi, Sarah E.K. Bradley and Zoe Shen
    • Women’s empowerment, sociocultural contexts, and reproductive behavior in Nepal. By Bina Gubhaju and Stephen A. Matthews
    • Levels and trends in child malnutrition in Bangladesh. By Sumonkanti Das, Md. Zakir Hossain and Mossamet Kamrun Nesa
    • Population ageing in the Pacific islands: emerging trends and future challenges. By Geoffrey Hayes
  • Volume 24 No. 3
    • Viewpoint: The global economic crisis and its likely impact on population activities. By Gavin W. Jones
    • Meeting the goals of the ICPD Programme of Action: key challenges and priorities for Asia and the Pacific, Fifteen Years on. By K.S. Seetharam and Geoffrey Hayes
    • Linked response to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS: Capacity-building in Sub-Saharan Africa and lessons learned for Asia and the Pacific. By Wasim Zaman and Hairudin Masnin
    • Voices of Youth: A young person’s perspective on population, reproductive health and the ICPD. By S. Jacque Koroivulaono
    • Voices of NGOs: Progress accomplished since the International Conference on Population and Development: a perspective of Non-governmental Organizations. By Dr. Raj Abdul Karim
    • Annex: Asia-Pacific High-level Forum Declaration on Population and Development: Fifteen Years after Cairo